Panasonic FV-05VFM2 Low Profile Ceiling Mounted Fan

As almost every Panasonic  review points out, this Low Profile Ceiling Mounted Fan is so quiet that you may even forget it is switched on!

Panasonic FV-05VFM2 Low Profile Ceiling Mounted Fan

The FV-05VFM2 WhisperFit 50 CFM Low Profile Ceiling Mounted Fan is part of the Panasonic ‘WhisperFit’ series of ceiling-mounted fans, which offer a high-performance air conditioning system that is quiet, smooth and trouble-free. Panasonic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air conditioning units, with decades of experience in providing air conditioning solutions for homes, places of work and other environments. With Panasonic, you can be certain that you are purchasing a quality unit that will continue to provide outstanding performance for years to come.

Manufactured to fit 2×6″ joists or larger, the fan is effective and unobtrusive. Like all Panasonic products, it offers outstanding build quality – the unit is sturdy and hard-wearing. Its motors and other internal components have perpetual lubrication, which will slow the pace of wear and give your ceiling fan a longer lifespan, so you will not have to replace it as frequently as other fans. Its dolphin-shaped blades are driven by a capacitor motor designed to have an extended service life and low energy consumption levels. It is also one of the safest units available, incorporating a thermal cutoff in the event of an emergency. Panasonic fans and air conditioning units do not create excessive heat, as is the case with recessed fan units. Its highly efficient, cool-running motors are among the best available, designed to operate at cooler temperatures, giving a longer life to the internal components.

The fan includes an optional 3″ adaptor for environments which require a smaller duct. The condenser motor of the FV-05VFM2 is completely enclosed, and it features a double-suction blower wheel which moves air briskly and quietly. Customers remarks show how unobtrusive and discrete this fan is. Much quieter than the rest of its competitors, the FV-05VFM2 can be installed in any room or environment in need of improved ventilation and temperature control.


  • Panasonic WhisperFit fans are designed to be discrete, so you will not be disturbed by noise when it is in motion.
  • Covered by a manufacturer warranty of 3 years after the date of purchase, for your peace of mind.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Much less expensive than fans of equal power


  • So quiet that you may not even realize it is switched on!
  • Wire nuts not included
  • Larger than other ceiling fans of 50CFM
  • The low profile requires at least 2×6 framing depth
  • Installation instructions may appear complicated at first glance


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