Air King AK965 Review

There are many heater brands in the market today but one that is worth your time is the Air King AK965 deluxe combination heater. Heaters are essential components in bathrooms, especially in cool areas. Heaters save you from the unwelcoming cold bathroom that would make you think twice about showering. A heater is important as it will conveniently warm up a bathroom for you at any time of the day or night. A heater can also be used to warm other rooms when the weather is unfavorable. This is a better method of keeping warm when compared to lighting fire at the fireplace. A functioning quality heater is the best as it will help save on costs. No customer would love to buy something that will cost him a lot of money yet performs so poorly. Out of the many heaters in the market today, the Air King heater is one of the most popular for several reasons.

The Air King AK965 heater has a powerful heating power of about 1500 watts and 5000 BTU. This aspect ensures that you can warm your room at a very fast speed and to great temperatures that you desire. It is cost-effective as you will have it sold together with switches. This clears off the budget for switches. It is a very easy to install heater as it has adjustable hanging brackets and tab keyhole slots. There is a frosted moonstone glass lens that is durable. The glass is used to diffuse light all through the room. Unlike other lenses like the plastic lens, this glass will not get brittle under any circumstances. The Air King AK965 heater is designed to instantly heat up your bathroom. It is a combination of an exhaust fan, a night light, a heater and light. These components can be wired to operate in separate ways. This is a way of saving as you simply buy the heater and get all these other items in the same unit. Heat reduces the amount of ventilation in a room. The manufacturers of this heater have taken this into consideration and ensured that the Air King heater supplies 70-CFM of ventilation in the room. There is also an exhaust capacity for rooms that are about 702 feet. It is available for shipping to selected countries outside the United States of America. This is definitely good news to residents of the selected countries.

The Air King AK965 heater has its bad points too. The one year warranty is not for the full item. It is a parts only warranty. This means that in case the whole item crashes within one year after the date of purchase, you will not get a replacement but buy a new one. The light is meant for an incandescent bulb of about 100 watts and a nightlight bulb of about 7 watts. However, these are not provided when you buy the heater. You will have to buy them separately at a cost. The fan is a bit noisy for some users. The Air King AK965 is made of ceramic material therefore breaks easily when mishandled. It requires great care. In case you have bought it online and require shipping, ship it separately from other items.

Customers have had positive things to say about the Air King AK965 heater. One of them, Vicki L. Williams had this to say. “I was surprised to find this at such a good price, I was not expecting much but needed something this size to fit in the hole where the other one went out. I was shocked to see that I liked this one even better then the last one. It not only worked better it looked better also. I am very happy and would purchase this product again.” Clearly, this customer is amazed at how efficient the heater is and the fair price. It is clear that the heater has shown that it is worth more than it currently costs.

In conclusion, heaters are essential in providing warm rooms to avoid diseases like pneumonia in cool places. Ensure that you invest in a quality, durable and well-functioning heater for a warm and comfortable bathroom. Ensure that you buy the Air King AK965 deluxe combinations heater.

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