Ceiling Fan Does Not Work On All Three Speeds

Have you installed a new ceiling fan and it is not working on all three speeds? Have you noticed that it’s not creating enough cooling breeze on high speed? Then without getting worried let’s discuss the basic steps that you can highly follow if your ceiling fan does not work on all three speeds as per product’s feature.

If you notice that the ceiling of your room doesn’t run fast as it is supposed to run on its high speed and sometimes is making a peculiar sound then switch on the fan and let it be running for a couple of minutes. While it’s going on try to feel temperature near the metal housing. If you feel hot there then you need to replace the motor because the bearings i.e. capacitor blocks are getting shot. Remember to be careful enough while feeling the temperature as it may be pretty hot and can cause burn if you touch.

Generally, it has been noticed that older ceiling fan does not work on all three speeds compare to new ceiling fans. Very often it starts running slower than the accurate speed and becomes too hot as the capacitor blocks get failed. Even a buzzing sound can be heard from the fan’s motor as it strives deliberately to spin the fan blades.

Also, it can happen that the ceiling fan spins only on the slowest speed among all the three speeds it supposed to run on. In this circumstance, you may require replacing the speed switch. You can get the switch settings at renowned electrical shop or ceiling fan store in your locality. You may require visiting the store frequently for getting all the fixtures and equipment as well as some soldering to replace the ceiling fan easily.

If you notice that your fan runs fast only on high speed and doesn’t spin properly on a medium as well as slow speed then you must install adequate speed control switch. Here few people make mistake and install a dimmer switch. This dimmer switch can damage the ceiling fan’s motor and even it could possibly cause a fire. It is because standard dimmer switch is designed to work with the wattage of integrated lights whereas speed control switch is designed to deal with the amperage of the ceiling fan motor. Therefore it’s always advised to buy speed control switch which is specifically made to operate ceiling fans.

Above all, if you get stuck with any problem you should utilize the opportunity provided by today’s internet connection. There is countless information about ceiling fan you could get like proper instruction on how to install it, how to solve problems that may occur, etc. You can acquire enough knowledge to handle ceiling fans of your home.

After purchasing a new branded ceiling fan with your affordable budget to make a comfort zone inside your room if you see that the ceiling fan does not work on all three speeds after the installation then obviously it will irritate you. In that case, complain to the manufacturer or the store manager from where you bought the fan. If it’s within their warranty period then they will completely replace the fan with a new one.

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