How To Repair A Ceiling Fan

Is your ceiling fan wobbling or lacking electricity or making humming sound? These are mostly faced problems with installed ceiling fan in indoors and outdoors. Hence don’t worry; it will be highly fixed out by you. Only you require some basic knowledge on how to repair a ceiling fan.

Let’s start with the humming sound problem. You can repair it and make it a quiet fan by placing vibration-isolating object for example paper or rubber spacers between the fan blades’ mounting brackets and the motor. You need to oil the bearings if your ceiling fans are running slow.

There are anti-hum fan controllers available in the market. You need to put these controllers at switch and make sure that you have turned off the electricity while installing them. How to repair a ceiling fan if still it keeps on making sound? Don’t worry, probably you need to change your old ceiling fan and bring a new one.

If you see your ceiling fan is not running at all then it may be due to lacking of power supply. In this case you need to double check all circuit breakers and fuse box because circuit breaker could have sparked or in most of the cases fuse needs to be replaced. Sometimes fan switch can hold charge and in that case you should check the screw terminals lying on the sides of the switch with the help of voltage tester.

Now come to the wobbling problem which is again very easy to fix if you know the basics of how to repair a ceiling fan. The first step in figuring out the cause why your ceiling fan wobbles is to check the attachment of it to the ceiling i.e. how firmly it’s being held by the brackets. If its attachment is fine then you need to look into the balance of the fan because fan blades can be bent, warped or end up with different weights.

Make bent blades straight or in worst case replace them if it wobbles more. You can balance it by using available ceiling fan balancing kit. In either way you can tape a quarter to each fan blade to check if the balance or causing wobbling sound gets improved or not. If improvement takes place then tape same weight to the top of the fan blade.

Chances of wobbling get increased if you got fixed the fan to the standard electrical box instead of using the new one offered by the fan kit and you neglected to save few dollars. Remember little bit wobbling can be happened and it’s common but more wobbling can cause great damage to you by falling onto the ground.

You must double check all the joints, screws and bolts used in the installation of ceiling fan. Any loose joints or screws need to be tightening immediately. After looking into all possible happening and checking all preliminary things if you can’t figure out the problem, then without any hesitation contact with local experts or electrician.

If you have internet connection in your home then you can visit many websites to educate yourself enough on how to repair a ceiling fan. Even you can watch uploaded videos which show exact procedures to detect and fixing the problem.

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