Outdoor Ceiling Fans Guide

If you have an area outside of your home that you would love to cool in the warmer months, installing an outdoor ceiling fan is an excellent choice. They will provide you with wonderful air circulation for any patio, gazebo or covered area. Ceiling fans are perfect for that hot, summer day when you are looking to get some fresh air.

When shopping for outdoor ceiling fans, it is important to know the different types that are available. There are primarily two types from which to choose. These are outdoor fans that are good for humid or wet conditions, and those that are best in dry to minimally damp conditions.

Ceiling fans that will have the best effect in wet conditions are those that should be installed in areas where they may receive direct rain exposure. This would be in an uncovered porch or a gazebo that does not offer complete weather shielding. It is critical that you test the area where you will be installing the fan to see if it will be exposed to the elements.

The other style of outdoor ceiling fans are those that are that can be used in dry to damp conditions. Some examples of these set ups would be on a covered patio or porch, or indoor swimming pools or hot tubs. In the case of an indoor pool or hot tub, circulation from a ceiling fan will lower the humidity in the area, which will greatly aid in making the area feel more cool and comfortable.

You can purchase both types of outdoor ceiling fans from any home improvement store, as well as some department stores that sell lighting options for your home. Additionally, you can purchase ceiling fans with lights that are specially designed for outdoor use. Lighting your outdoor patio will give your space an elegant touch. If you are unaware of how to install a fan safety, you can always check with the retailer to see if they offer installations. For a small fee, a qualified installation technician will come to your home and install the outdoor ceiling fan for you.

Once you install your ceiling fan, you will enjoy your outside area even more with a cool breeze. You can choose different fan speeds depending on the outside temperatures, which gives you added customization. Not only do outdoor fans provide excellent air circulation, but they also assist in driving away bugs and insects. Most outdoor ceiling fans can also be installed indoors, if you prefer a coordinating look.

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