Ceiling Fan Types

One of the most efficient types of ceiling fans are electric ceiling fans. Electric ceiling fans for sale by brands such as Emerson, Minka Aire, Westinghouse, Regency, and Hunter give off great cool and run on electricity. The most efficient electric ceiling fans are new electric ceiling fans.

Broan ceiling fans range in price from $50 to $200. Broan is a ceiling fan brand known for cheap and affordable prices but high quality and efficiency. Broan ceiling fan types are Broan indoor ceiling fans and Broan outdoor ceiling fans. Broan ceiling fans are available at Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Walmart.

Garage ceiling fan prices often range between $100 and $200, though high quality garage ceiling fans manufactured by top ceiling fan brands such as Casa Vieja and Emerson can cost over $300. When you buy a garage ceiling fan it is best to buy in the fall or winter months when garage ceiling fans are at discounts and go on sale.

Most portable fans are equipped with a convenient carrying handle which makes it easier to move the ceiling fan around. Broan portable fans can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and cloth. Most Broan portable fans come with a three year warranty for quality and service.

Portable fan prices range greatly. If you are looking for a cheap portable fan, you can find a portable fan for under $20. Even the most expensive, best portable fans are quite affordable. When you buy a portable fan you will probably not have to spend more than $100. The average price for a good quality, high efficiency portable fan is $50.


Buying Tips For Ceiling Fan

Are you remodeling your home and wanting to find that perfect ceiling fan? What kind do you want? Would it be something contemporary, modern, or something unique and different? Do you want a hunter ceiling fan? An outdoor ceiling fan, a Casablanca ceiling fan or maybe a harbor breeze ceiling fan? Whatever you want you can find it, if you just look in the right places.

You will need to take into consideration where you will be putting the fan. If it will be outside you wouldn’t really want wood blades, as they may get wet and moldy. It may be better to get one of the sleek designs that are made of plastic. They will be easier to clean, even if they get a little damp and you know they will with all the morning dew and such. You can find outdoor ceiling fans if you just look. Get online to find the right one for you, or go to your local home improvement store. You can even find them at your local retail store. It’s your choice and your choices are endless.

It is the same way for the hunter ceiling fan, Casablanca ceiling fan, and harbor breeze ceiling fan. You just have to take the time to look for them. You can find them at all the places mentioned above, but it may be better to get online to make sure of what you want, where you will find it, and how much it will cost you. Knowing this will help you be able to pick out exactly what you are wanting for your space. Once you have it picked out, even a few of them. It is time to go to the store and see them first hand. Now, not only have you searched for the perfect ceiling fan, you can now see what store will carry it and see if up close and personal. All you have to do it pick the one that you like best when you see them.

Ceiling fans not only make a room more comfortable with their unique designs, but they add that extra air that you sometimes need. It is just a decorative way to make use of your light fixture. You can make them look better and not an eye sore if you take the time to get one that matches your style and design for the room. There are new ones coming out all the time that will fit a certain theme for your room. The hard part will be making sure you pick the one that works best and the one that you can really see in the room. You may see one thing and your spouse another, therefore, it could take you longer to agree on that one ceiling fan. But it is possible, just takes a little time.

Some thoughts about ceiling fans

When it comes to remodeling your home, sometimes people are fast to get rid of their ceiling fans. After all, old ceiling fans are not very attractive. Most of them are brown faux wood finished and they look like they belong in your great grandmother’s house. The good news is that you can still have ceiling fans in your home and be stylish. A contemporary ceiling fan is a great way to get through this style problem while not compromising your comfort.

When you are choosing your contemporary ceiling fan you need to think about the location in which it will go. If you are looking for an indoor fan, be sure you look at indoor models. If you are searching for an outdoor ceiling fan, be sure to look for an outdoors one. The reason for this has a lot to do with the materials the fans are made of. Those that are intended only for indoor areas will not be resistant to water or morning dew. However, those specifically labeled for outdoor use can be used outside without a problem.

There are so many fans to choose from (eg. Hunter, Casablanca, Harbor Breeze, Whisper, Emerson ceiling fan, etc.). While some will be just as ugly as the one you are taking down, others are quite contemporary and stylish. You can go to your local home improvement store and take a look at their selection. Many furniture and home décor stores will also carry very stylish versions of the traditional ceiling fan. Online you will be able to see what is available, how much it will cost, and where you can see it up close. It is sometimes easier to do this first instead of traveling from store to store. When you have it a little list of what you want to see, then you can go to the store and see it. You will then be able to feel good about your decision making process.

Ceiling fans can make a room. They can bring the whole style and design together and many can’t live without their fans. So, it really works for everyone. Some will even design their room from the ceiling fan they pick out, but that is quite unusual. Many people love having a ceiling fan in the kitchen in case they accidentally burn something and need to get the smoke out of the room. Of course there are small fans on most new home stoves, but they do very little to get rid of smoke. In addition, some people love to sleep with a fan on in their room. A contemporary ceiling fan does a great job of giving people just enough air circulation to appease someone, without making the room too cold.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans Styles

Outdoor ceiling fans are a great, affordable way to keep your patio area, or the outdoor area of your home, cool and breezy. If you have a patio or an outdoor lounge area, you’re surely aware of how hot (and potentially humid) it can get in the summer months, as well as how expensive it can be to have the air conditioning running all day. If you are interested in cooling the outdoor areas of your home with cost effective and energy efficient means, take a look at what an outdoor ceiling fan has to offer.

Ceiling fans with lights, including outdoor centric brands such as Monte Carlo ceiling fans or Hunter outdoor ceiling fans, have been used for many years to help people cool off during those hot and sweaty days of summer. They also provide ample lighting with a sophisticated dose of style. Depending on your design needs, there are many style and theme choices available. These include more modern and contemporary outside lights; tropical ceiling fans; decorative outdoor accent lights; and more. If you are having trouble deciding on which outdoor ceiling fan style to go with, compare what will look the best for your over all outdoor theme. It’s all about finding the style that compliments your furniture, landscaping, and the elements of your unique outdoor sitting areas.

Once you have a style all picked out, you can look into what kind of performance and efficiency options to choose. There are high performance outdoor ceiling fans for those extra hot and humid days, and there are also green, eco-friendly fans that are designed to run on smaller amounts of electricity, and are often made from various types of recycled goods. Once you choose the ideal performance model, you can look at other features of the fan – such as lighting elements. If you’re looking for an outdoor ceiling fan for a gazebo, you would want a fan with plenty of lighting choices – perhaps one with a dimmer or multiple brightness options. But if you are more interested in the cooling benefits from the fan, you can go with smaller, lower wattage bulbs that won’t use up as much electricity and will provide a softer, more ambient glow.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to have a clear budget, so you’ll know what you can afford when choosing your ideal outside lighting. Always make sure that wherever you purchase your outdoor ceiling fan from, that they offer a money back refund in case you are dissatisfied with your purchase. You may also want to consult with the home improvement or lighting store about the tools you’ll need to complete a safe installation. Over all, if you want an original, attractive and stylish way to cool your outdoor seating, deck or patio area, definitely take a look at what outdoor ceiling fanshave to offer.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans Guide

If you have an area outside of your home that you would love to cool in the warmer months, installing an outdoor ceiling fan is an excellent choice. They will provide you with wonderful air circulation for any patio, gazebo or covered area. Ceiling fans are perfect for that hot, summer day when you are looking to get some fresh air.

When shopping for outdoor ceiling fans, it is important to know the different types that are available. There are primarily two types from which to choose. These are outdoor fans that are good for humid or wet conditions, and those that are best in dry to minimally damp conditions.

Ceiling fans that will have the best effect in wet conditions are those that should be installed in areas where they may receive direct rain exposure. This would be in an uncovered porch or a gazebo that does not offer complete weather shielding. It is critical that you test the area where you will be installing the fan to see if it will be exposed to the elements.

The other style of outdoor ceiling fans are those that are that can be used in dry to damp conditions. Some examples of these set ups would be on a covered patio or porch, or indoor swimming pools or hot tubs. In the case of an indoor pool or hot tub, circulation from a ceiling fan will lower the humidity in the area, which will greatly aid in making the area feel more cool and comfortable.

You can purchase both types of outdoor ceiling fans from any home improvement store, as well as some department stores that sell lighting options for your home. Additionally, you can purchase ceiling fans with lights that are specially designed for outdoor use. Lighting your outdoor patio will give your space an elegant touch. If you are unaware of how to install a fan safety, you can always check with the retailer to see if they offer installations. For a small fee, a qualified installation technician will come to your home and install the outdoor ceiling fan for you.

Once you install your ceiling fan, you will enjoy your outside area even more with a cool breeze. You can choose different fan speeds depending on the outside temperatures, which gives you added customization. Not only do outdoor fans provide excellent air circulation, but they also assist in driving away bugs and insects. Most outdoor ceiling fans can also be installed indoors, if you prefer a coordinating look.

Ceiling Fans – Design Trends and Energy Efficiency

Design Trends

Fans have always served a great function…circulating air. Now we can look to fans as more than just a functional fixture.

Fans have become more stylish than ever before. With the growing popularity of fans, designers have created looks that coordinate with every kind of decor. They are more appealing than they ever used to be. Finishes are no longer limited to white and brass. Trendsetters are opting for brushed nickel, steel and pewter. Other popular looks include earth tones like rustic copper, bronze and old brick. Blades are available in oak, weathered pine, maple, black, white, almond, even silk and nylon sailcloth. And light kits have been designed to fit with some of the hottest trends art deco, mission and Asian. People are getting away from traditional types and are going to more ornate fans that are more like showpieces. Conventional pull chains have been replaced with a wall mounted control or a hand-held remote control. There are fans for damp locations such as screened porches and wet locations such as gazebos. Design leaders look at fans from the statement the fans make.

ENERGY STAR labeled ceiling fans save energy because they have more efficient motors and air delivery due to blade design. ENERGY STAR labeled fans move air 14-20% more efficiently than typical ceiling fan models.
For maximum energy savings, choose a fan with blades that can reverse direction: counterclockwise in summer and clockwise in winter. You may save as much as 40% during the summer months and 10% during the winter by using a ceiling fan and adjusting your thermostat accordingly.

Energy Efficiency
Yes. Ceiling fans can save energy.

The ceiling fans currently on the market can save on summer air-conditioning bills (as much as 40 percent) and winter heating bills (as much as 10 percent). When purchasing a ceiling fan, it is important to take into consideration the size of the room. A ceiling fan that is 50 56 inches in diameter is best for a room that is approximately 225 square feet or larger; 42 44 inches for rooms up to 144 square feet; and 32 inches for rooms up to 64 square feet. Ideally, blades should be 8 9 feet above the floor; minimum is 7 feet. The pitch of the blades is also important. This determines the air flow throughout the room. A 14 degree pitch is optimum for moving the air efficiently. To achieve a maximum cooling effect in the summer and maximum heating effect in the winter, choosing a fan with blades that reverse direction is something to consider. In the summer, the fan should spin in a counterclockwise direction, and in winter, clockwise. There are also fans that are UL-rated for damp or wet locations if the fan is going to be used in a bathroom or on a porch or patio.

Minka Aire Concept II Ceiling Fan – A Pioneer In Wet Rated Fan

Do you want ceiling fan for your damp or wet location? Minka Aire Concept II ceiling fan is your ultimate answer. Its Concept II range serves both the purpose of indoor and wet outdoor ceiling fan.

In terms of its ingenious design and contemporary style Minka Aire ceiling fan is one of the best bespoke fans in the world. Besides giving a ravishing outlook it well serves people’s luxurious needs. Its up to date technology sometimes stun people.

Minka Aire Concept II ceiling fan has two models: F574 and F518. Its model F574 comes with blade span size 52″ and model F518 comes with blade span size 44″.

Model F574 is perfect for areas that are extremely windy. Comparing to traditional fan, this customized fan’s integrated blade can highly defend high speed wind. It is pioneered for the wet rated ceiling fans. Hence you can hose it down to remove the dust.  It could be both flush and standard mounted. But Minka Aire Concept II model F518 without wet rated is the best fit for indoor.

With incorporated down light and hand held remote controlled functioning Concept II ceiling fan is one of the most attractive fan. Mini-Can Halogen light with 100W bulb can be covered with opal glass/Pietra glass fixture. It has 3 speeds in forward and reverse direction. While its model F574 comes with WC212 AireControl full functional wall control, its model F518 comes with RC212 AireControl full functional handheld remote control.

Minka Aire Concept II ceiling fan is available in excellent combination of colours and finishes like:

– White
– Maple
– Oil Rubbed Bronze
– Mahogany
– Brushed Nickel, etc.

Its Brushed Nickel finish comes with Silver blades while its Oil Rubbed Bronze finish comes with Taupe blades. Its spectacular colour combination and finishing touch certainly accentuates anyone’s highly decorated rooms.

This ceiling fan is ideal choice for the room with lower ceiling height its total height varies from around 9.5″to 11.5″ with or without light kit. It has adaptable slope up to 30° incline and blade pitch of 14°. Its easy to assemble feature makes people spend less money on fixing it and with less time.

Altus Ceiling Fan – Stunningly Simple And Sleek Design

Modern Fan is a renowned ceiling fan brand which perfectly blends contemporary style with classic functioning. Altus ceiling fan designed by famous ceiling fan designer Ron Rezek reflects the excellence and craftsmanship of this Modern Fan Company. Besides being sleek and elegant in design it performs outstandingly while cooling off the room and moving out stuffy air from the room.

Altus ceiling fan with its model ALT36 comes with blade span size 36″, ALT42 comes with blade span size 42″and model ALT52 comes with blade span size 52″. It has 3 blades with 12° blade pitch.

This ceiling fan is UL rated thus suitable for both damp indoors and outdoors. But outdoor should be covered and shouldn’t be directly exposed to rain.

This fan could be flush mounted as well as standard mounted. It is adaptable to sloped ceiling starting from 33° up to 45°. Its total height comes with 5″ Downrod around 12″ and with 17″ Downrod around 24″. Hence, this ceiling fan could be well fit to rooms with lower as well as higher ceiling height.

Generally, Altus ceiling fan comes in 4 speeds in forward as well as reverse direction and full range dimming quality. It could be integrated with:

– Full Function Wall Mount Remote Control System with 3 speeds
– Full Function Hand Held Remote Control System with 3 speeds
– and even combination of both Wall Mount and Remote Control Handset with same 3 speeds and full dimming facility

Besides all above mentioned features, this Altus fan has many colour combination and finishing touch to keep the same pace with modern decor. Its different finishes of main body are Brushed Aluminium Finish, White Gloss Finish etc.  Its blades come in Aluminium and White finish. Every single finish heightens up the entire look and feel of the room.

This sophisticated Altus ceiling fan could be integrated with two light kits with Matte Opal Glass diffuser to create great ambience inside the room. Those optional light kits are 75W A19 Incandescent which provides general illumination and 26W GU24 Self-ballasted Compact Fluorescent.

According to performance level Altus ceiling fan is also first-class and satisfies customer with its smoothly as well as quietly running feature. It has long enduringness and can run for 24 hours a day without any worries of motor burning out.

For smaller size bedroom, it creates enormous airflow which cools off the room fast. Its efficiency level is above than average. It is rated by Energy Star but when only used as fan. Power consumption level is close to average ceiling fans. Hence its cost effectiveness is almost same compare to other fans.

Casablanca Ceiling Fan – Stunning Sleek Design Beautifies Any Modern Decor

If you have fascination for sleek contemporary decor for your room, then Casablanca Stealth ceiling fan would certainly meet your satisfaction with its timeless classic style as well as sleek design. Casablanca as a renowned ceiling fan company creates a signature with its every single fan and it remains attractive to all generation.

Casablanca Stealth ceiling fan comes with outstanding features like XLP Hi-Performance Motor, wall control integration with 6 speeds, reversible, UL Listed for damp indoors, Downlight integration, full range light dimming and superfluous energy efficiency etc.

Besides its mind blowing features and functioning, Casablanca Stealth ceiling fan offers many colour combinations and finishes for example:

– Copper Tones
– Nickel & Steel
– White
– Black & Gray, etc.

Few of its extraordinary look and feel are:

– Architectural White with Maple Blades
– Glossy Black with Hi-Gloss Black Blades
– Brushed Nickel with Dark Cherry Blades
– Snow White with Hi-Gloss Snow White Blades
– Graphite with Graphite Blades or
– Weathered Copper with Dark Cherry Blades, etc.

Stealth ceiling fan has 5 blades and its blade span size varies between 53″, 54″. It has blade pitch of 14°. It is generally standard mounted with 3″ Downrod. It can’t be flush mounted. Its total height comes around 13.25″. Hence, this Casablanca fan is suitable for large size living room as well as bedroom with lower ceiling height.

This sophisticated Casablanca Stealth fan could be integrated with Downlight kit which includes one single globe fixture, one 100W halogen bulb and glass diffuser with full dimming control to create great ambience inside the room. It could be integrated with Full Function Intelli-Touch Wall Control System with 6 speeds.

According to performance level, Casablanca Stealth ceiling fan is one of the highest quality ceiling fans. It is able to generate more than sufficient airflow and it cools down the room very fast if the room is not too large. It is bit less cost-effective in comparing with other ceiling fans as its power consumption rate is higher.

Thus, its efficiency level is below average. But you will get outstanding durability and smooth running without any wobbling sound from this fan.

Price tag of Casablanca Stealth ceiling fan is very reasonable to suit the budget of all customers who want powerful fan to cool of the room fast besides classy look and feel.

How To Repair A Ceiling Fan

Is your ceiling fan wobbling or lacking electricity or making humming sound? These are mostly faced problems with installed ceiling fan in indoors and outdoors. Hence don’t worry; it will be highly fixed out by you. Only you require some basic knowledge on how to repair a ceiling fan.

Let’s start with the humming sound problem. You can repair it and make it a quiet fan by placing vibration-isolating object for example paper or rubber spacers between the fan blades’ mounting brackets and the motor. You need to oil the bearings if your ceiling fans are running slow.

There are anti-hum fan controllers available in the market. You need to put these controllers at switch and make sure that you have turned off the electricity while installing them. How to repair a ceiling fan if still it keeps on making sound? Don’t worry, probably you need to change your old ceiling fan and bring a new one.

If you see your ceiling fan is not running at all then it may be due to lacking of power supply. In this case you need to double check all circuit breakers and fuse box because circuit breaker could have sparked or in most of the cases fuse needs to be replaced. Sometimes fan switch can hold charge and in that case you should check the screw terminals lying on the sides of the switch with the help of voltage tester.

Now come to the wobbling problem which is again very easy to fix if you know the basics of how to repair a ceiling fan. The first step in figuring out the cause why your ceiling fan wobbles is to check the attachment of it to the ceiling i.e. how firmly it’s being held by the brackets. If its attachment is fine then you need to look into the balance of the fan because fan blades can be bent, warped or end up with different weights.

Make bent blades straight or in worst case replace them if it wobbles more. You can balance it by using available ceiling fan balancing kit. In either way you can tape a quarter to each fan blade to check if the balance or causing wobbling sound gets improved or not. If improvement takes place then tape same weight to the top of the fan blade.

Chances of wobbling get increased if you got fixed the fan to the standard electrical box instead of using the new one offered by the fan kit and you neglected to save few dollars. Remember little bit wobbling can be happened and it’s common but more wobbling can cause great damage to you by falling onto the ground.

You must double check all the joints, screws and bolts used in the installation of ceiling fan. Any loose joints or screws need to be tightening immediately. After looking into all possible happening and checking all preliminary things if you can’t figure out the problem, then without any hesitation contact with local experts or electrician.

If you have internet connection in your home then you can visit many websites to educate yourself enough on how to repair a ceiling fan. Even you can watch uploaded videos which show exact procedures to detect and fixing the problem.