Belt Driven Ceiling Fan

Belt Driven Ceiling Fan
Note two belt-driven fans on the ceiling

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The breeze of the belt driven ceiling fan evokes images of an Old Western Tavern or Hotel where patrons came to enjoy the brew of the bar. The belt driven ceiling fans are prior to electric ones. It operates from a single motor with a pully which drives each individual fan through a belt that is stretched between them. The electric motor can be attached to the ceiling or any other surface even outside the building. Some units have a single fan while others can have multiple ones, usually up to five. The maximum distance between fans is about 20 feet and they are good for commercial applications: hotels, restaurants, and magazines. Nevertheless, some people bye them for their home if the layout of the apartment lends itself to this application.


The belt-driven ceiling fans have a deeper blade pitch and turn slower than direct drive ones. Therefore they pull more air with less noise. Due to low speed, they are also more reliable, the belt lasts up to 20 years, the motor works even longer, you can easily buy the belt and motor on Amazon. And both are easy to change. Just replace several motor bolts to replace the motor or loose it to slide the motor for adjusting the belt tension.

Fanimation Kellan Set

Fanimation is the main manufacturer of belt-driven ceiling fans. It was created more than 30 years ago and now it is an international brand available in more twenty countries. Fanimation made a great reproduction of a classic 1800’s belt-driven fans. The modern adaptation features a gearless motor, sealed ball bearings, neoprene belting, and hardwood laminate blades.

Although the fan has an antique exterior, it is capable of operating up to four fans. But Fanimation recommends installing one or two fans per motor because more than two slows the rotation. The fan can be tailored to fit any style with blade finish options.

Fanimation Kellan Housing



The belt gives you enough length and Fanimation provides belt holer and clamps with the motor. Rivets are provided with the fan, so you can adjust to the needed length.It is housing with belt only, comes without blades and motor. Weight – 1 pounds, dimensions – 6x6x9.9″

Maximum distance from motor to head is 14′ (and 4′ min) and head-to-head – 13 1/2 ‘ max. Distance from a ceiling is 7 max.

The housing has 2 pullies, and one motor can turn up to 4 fans (or 5 if the lengths are not longer than 10’ feet away from the motor)

Fanimation Kellan Blade Set and Motor



Fanimation Kellan Motor comes with all necessary hardware for installation and remote control. It has three forward and three reverse speeds. The weight is 22.8lb, dimensions – 8.6×8.6×7.6″You may choose blades for Fanimation Kellan Housing among sets with brushed nickel/cherry/dark walnut colored finish.
Dimensions – 27.3 x 5 x 0.3″

The motor is flush mounted to be rigid enough to hold belt tension.

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  1. I have 52″ Casa Delta-Wing Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    I’ve installed the fan myself, had access from attic above so I have a substantial mounting bracket. Very happy with it. Moves a lot of air, and it is almost silent – I can hear the only sound is that of the blades cutting though the air. General fan comment – if mounting over your bed, mount it above the foot of the bed, not your faces.

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