Garage Fan Review 2018

When your garage gets the afternoon sun, the temperature in summer may reach 110 degrees and more. Because of the lack of airspace in a garage, things can get extremely stuffy. Moreover, inadequate ventilating can be very dangerous. Car exhaust contains many toxic fumes, and with insufficient venting, theу can get trapped within the walls and ceiling of your garage creating health hazards. Garage fan allows to control the buildup of heat, performs introduction of ambient air into the garage to improve air quality and displace pollutants.

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In our review, we’ll discuss some important concerns on ventilating your garage.


Floor and Wall Mounted Fans

Full upgrade of your insulation and ventilation system can be expensive. A simple oscillating household fan will move the air in your garage. If you have two fans, place one at your open garage door to blow hot air outside. The second fan should be aimed at the garage space, you can set it at the window. They will generate airflow and provide some relief from the heat.

Wall Mount Fan

Wall mount fans are much more convenient. Once installed, you just click the switch and have your air. They don’t occupy the floor place, you have no need to install them every time, and you will not stumble through them.

A good example is Air King wall mount fan, it works great in workshops or garages. The motor is totally enclosed and protected from dust and other particles, ensuring longer life of the fan. The garage vent fan is shipped completely assembled, plugs into a standard 120-Volt outlet with 7.5 ft. grounded 3-prong power cord.

The noise is well within acceptable for a garage fan. A usual plastic type floor fan of the same size puts out twice less air.

The mounting is easy, there are 3 mounting holes in the bracket, so you can install more than one supporting screw/bolt. It has a rugged hanging bar, steel construction, the head tilts 180 degrees. You also may mount the fan over your back sliding door. It keeps bugs out and is significantly cheaper than the Air Curtain fans.

Oceanaire Garage Fan

The construction is all metal, it gives to the fan durability and stability. It comes with  an  6 ft. cord, safety grille, and attached flexible task light to illuminate your work area (the light bulb not included). One wall mount garage fan is powerful enough to vent your garage for two cars.Oceanaire garage vent fan is a three-speed device with ts 18″ blades. The unit can be used on the floor (has heavy-duty base frame and adjustable legs), or ceiling mounted.

The 3600 swivel radius and 1800 tilt allow both vertical and horizontal air flow. Measures 28x9x29″ and weighs 29 lbs.

Garage Exhaust Fan

Professional Grade Products Garage Eexhaust Fan

Professional Grade Products garage exhaust fan with metal shutter comes in dimensions from 8″ to 20″ with a step of 2″. It comes with power cord,  the 10A 120v motor located outside the air stream and provides 403 cubic feet per minute.Shutter exhaust fans are widely used for ventilating offices, stores, shops, factories, etc. They work when needed and then the shutter automatically closes to stop air moving when the fans are not operating.

There is no db rating but our best guess is around 70db. If you stand in a few feet away from the garage exhaust fan, there is a low hum. They are normally installed on the far side, so I believe you would not hear this motor from inside the garage. You may reduce the sound even more if you will do a good job of insulating it during the installation – do not overtighten the screws so the rubber grommets will do their job better.

Shutter and blades are painted for corrosion resistance and protection. The vents are opened by air pressure, so you should mount the fan vertically, or the vent flaps will not open.  Make sure to provide an air inlet – a vent-hole or open window to allow free airflow from one side of the garage to another.

It is sturdy and well-made, moves a lot of air and runs smoothly. The lightweight louvers rattle a tiny bit when fully open, but they close nicely when the fan is off.

VG200 Garage Exhaust Fan System for Two Car Garage

The VG200 garage exhaust fan system is a “do it yourself” one but you, of course, can hire a handyman to do the installation with all necessary tools. There will be a need to cut out holes in a location you want to install the system. The instructions are in the box and you can see a video on YouTube.The system helps to remove excess humidity, heat, and fumes from the garage and uses only 44 watts during operation. The system is automatic, the thermostat switches the fans on and off when the preset temperature is reached. The high volume garage exhaust fans are designed for two car garage and exchange the air  2-3 times per hour. The louvered vents are air flow opened and close when the fans shut off. An Intake vent comes with a screen filter to prevent bugs and debris from being drawn into the garage. The power to the system is provided automatically by the automatic retracting cord reel, that mounts to the garage door opener bracket.

The garage exhaust fan works great mostly due to the automation. You can set the timer to activate ventilation every other 15 minutes and your garage will always have fresh air.

But if your main concern is temperature rise in summer, the fans are too small to pull a lot of air out and keep the temperature down. If you want to feel the breeze, use a more powerful fan.

Tjernlund Garage Cooling Fan


Tjernlund Cooling Garage Exhaust Fan

Tjernlund cooling garage exhaust fan removes air trapped in closed garages to remove pollutants and reduce the temperature. The capability to have both a power switch and a thermostat is especially convenient: you may cool off the garage when you want, and cool your attic when it needs it.

The fan mounts in garage attic joist space. You need intake vent holes for proper venting. The direction of the airflow is important too. You want the air coming in from the bottom of the garage and exhausting from the rear top (warm air rises). You may make vent-holes in the garage door or outside wall and the hot air will be exhausted into the attic and pushed out through the roof, attics ridge or gable vents (similar to the attic fan).

Note that the garage door inserts are square although the picture showed them to be rectangular. They may not fit the panels in our door and you’ll need to buy rectangular ones instead.The system comes with fire damper, adjustable joist brackets, mounting hardware and adjustable activation thermostat. The ceiling grill and two outdoor air intake grills included. Optional accessories: Dehumidistat, wall mount digital timer, and wireless wall switch.

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