Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan is a brand name, appliances are made and imported from China. The fans have a great contemporary design. They look outstanding but make a little louder humming than more expensive ones. Harbor Breeze fans also sometimes have some problems with durability (some common malfunctions are discussed below). Newly updated models are better, less noisy, and made of more durable materials.

Mazon Brushed Nickel Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

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Package Dimensions – 21.8 x 11.8 x 11″The fan has three fan speeds, handheld remote control, and integrated matte glass light kit with 18-watt LED bulb. The fan is 44″ assembled diameter, great for rooms up to 100-square feet and provides airflow up to 4,545-CFM.

Energy consumption – 75 watts
Light kit, remote control, and wall cradle included.

The fan has a fixed ceiling mount, you cannot adjust its height. The blades are approximately 18″ from the ceiling. If you have less than 8 ft ceiling, a tall person would have to be careful. If your ceiling height is more than 10′ you should use a down-rod extension for optimal operation height. Note that when you use a down-rod, the fan will not be flush-mounted. The extension kit is sold separately.

The light is a soft white, but it is not bright enough to provide enough light for the whole room. The light has a built-in dimmer which can be operated by the remote. You should plan additional floor lamp or at least night table lights. The fan’s design does not allow to wire the light separately from the fan itself. There are only 3 wires: common (white), ground (green), and power (black) wires. Fans that allow wiring the light separately come with a 4th (usually blue) wire.

The model is a relatively new and quiet. The motor is three-speed, AC, forward and reverse. Great smart reverse button: snowflake for winter, sun for summer – no ambiguity on directions.

Merrimack Antique Bronze Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

The product comes with a 6″ down rod, it can’t be flush to the ceiling. You can purchase compatible down rods  in lengths of 12, 18, 24, 36, and 48″. The fan has a small pole, it is very close to the ceiling. Overall height is about 23″ from ceiling to bottom of light with a 6″ rod. The weight is approximately 23.5 lbs.The fan has five weatherproof blades in a java finish. The fan can be installed under a roof for a patio or lanai, etc for outdoor spaces. Light kit made in globe-style clear glass.

The Merrimack Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan can be wired to wall switches, both the light and fan. Wired fans turn on and off and on at the same settings of light level and speed as when you switched them off. If you need to change settings, use the remote. The remote control has buttons: High fan (with 3 dots), Medium fan (2 dots), Low fan (1 dot), power  (on or off). Light on click turns on/off, holding works as a dimmer.

The light is adequate but not the brightest, you’re limited to maximum 40 watts per bulb (there are three of them). If you need A LOT of light, use three 40W LED lamps. Antique glass bulb defuses the light effect, great for LEDs.

Reversible 3-speed AC motor provides up to 5,188-CFM airflow. The harbor breeze ceiling fan is 52″ in diameter, rated power is 58 watt.

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74″ Outdoor Downrod Fan

For indoor/outdoor use.The double ceiling fan is 74″ in diameter, great for large and extra large rooms with transitional style decor. On each fan, there are three brown wicker blades with the oil-rubbed bronze finish. The light kit has frosted glass. The double fan comes with 4-in down rod. The rod doesn’t spin, it is just two fans on each end with two separate motors. If one motor stops, another one will continue to work.

3-speed reversible AC motor provides up to 4,450-CFM airflow and an airflow efficiency of 57-CFM/watt. The weight is 33.5 lbs

 Сommon Problems and Malfunctions

The most common problem is burnt bulb socket and remote receiver. The halogen lamps generate lots of heat which defeat the purpose of the fan. Use LED lamps instead, they heat much less and havebuilt-in in “thermostat” regulating the lamp if it gets too hot.

If the malfunction has already occurred, contact the manufacturer to get them to replace the fan under warranty or reimburse you the cost of the fan so you can use it towards buying a different make and model. If they’re not willing to do anything about it, then contact your credit card provider about getting it repaired or replaced under the double the manufacturer’s warranty program. Depending on the price, they may just cut you a check.

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