How to Install Ceiling Fan

Are you eagerly willing to install ceiling fans by yourself? Then you must know all the basic instructions for installing ceiling fans properly and with all safeguard.

Ceiling fans installed without following basic instruction starts making wobbling sound; shake while running and in the worst case can be pulled away causing great damage. Even it will not be able to fulfill your requirements of fixing a stunning ceiling fan either to your rooms or outside patios. Hence, it’s absolutely mandatory to educate yourself with all the instructions to install a ceiling fan.

Before installing a ceiling fan, it’s really important for you to know the exact requirements for the indoors or outdoors where you are going to fix it, for example, the ceiling height, room or patio size etc. In fact, based on those constraints, you need to purchase your fan with adequate blade span size, downrod with exact height and fixtures for wet rated, etc. Every single model of different ceiling fan company has different and unique instructions. You must make sure that you are following those instructions.

After purchasing the best fit ceiling fan for your home, the next step is to check the existing electrical outlet ox in your ceiling whether it is perfect for the fan or not.

Special electrical box specially designed for the particular ceiling fan is harder than a standard electrical box and comprises supporting bar or directly attached to the beam. Those special electrical boxes also comprise specially designed holes for long-threaded screws to make the attachment stronger and firm. Hence, it’s better not to install a ceiling fan to a standard box even if the fan is supported in the past.

According to proper instructions for installing ceiling fans, it’s required to install the fan at the center of the room keeping the minimum height from the floor i.e. at least 7 feet. If your ceiling height is less than that then the better option is Angle Style Mounting. Conversely, for higher ceiling height go for longer downrod for standard mounting. Moreover if the ceiling is vaulted then you must get an adequate type of downrod.

Now come to the basic steps which are highly recommended as instructions for installing ceiling fans:

shut off the power from all circuit breaker and switches for safety
then the fan brace need to be attached to the beam through the hole made in the ceiling by letting its legs touch the drywall or plaster
tighten enough the fan brace so that it won’t shake later
get the electric box fixed at the proper place
fit the mounting bracket to the electrical outlet box
hang the assembled fan to the mounting bracket with the help of an existing hook
make sure the green wire gets attached with the copper ground wire
do all the required electric wiring according to the manufacturer provided manual as it may require 2-3 wire connections or can have a remote control system which will make you attach a receiver for that
fix all the light fixtures if any and other embellishment provided with the fan and lastly switch on power to test the proper functioning of the installed ceiling fan
In a nutshell, it’s always advised to follow proper guidelines as well as instructions for installing ceiling fans while you are doing it yourself. If any time you feel confused or hesitating with fixing any wire to the fan or fixing any additional fixture, don’t hesitate to contact an expert because it’s an electrical appliance which demands utmost safety.

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