Misting Fan Review 2018

Misting fan is one of the most effective appliances for cooling open areas such as patios, warehouses, etc. Water mist also performs dust suppression, discourages flying insects, is used for special effects, and other commercial and residential applications. The misting systems deliver water under high, medium, or low pressure through special nozzles that spray the water in very small drops. Higher pressure allows getting smaller particle sizes, better evaporation and cooling. The fans are added to improve the cooling effect.

Low-pressure DIY misting solutions are low cost and work fine only in real dry climates, and all the area gets a little wet. To really achieve the benefits of mist cooling you should use more advanced applications, and we will help you to choose the type and model.

General Information

misting fan diagram humidity-coolingMist fan works by creating fine water droplets (mist) to cool the air. Water mist with 5 microns drops has a huge surface area: one gallon of water in such fog has surface larger than a football field. These water droplets quickly evaporate and absorb the energy in the air, becoming water vapor and cooling the environment.

The important factor of misting fan efficiency is humidity of the air compared. The drier the air, the more water can be vaporized and more heat can be removed. The humidity also lowers dramatically as the temperature rises. It may be 90% early in the morning and may drop to 50% because of the temperature rise. So when heat reaches its peak, humidity is normally at its lowest point. Therefore, a good mist fan can be used in most geographical locations.

Outdoor Cooling Fans

Best Standing Pedestal Misting Fan

Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan on a Pedestal

The NewAir pedestal fan is 18-inch outdoor device, that cools up to 500 square feet of patio space. It is an ideal misting fan for Southwest and Midwest regions of the United States. The pedestal is durable and sturdy, lets you adjust the height and tilt. The oscillating head with 3 fan speeds helps to maintain the proper of misting.

The NewAir AF-520B comes with its own short hose and a ball valve to regulate the flow of water. You can also run the fan with or without oscillating. They both are very important to control the mist to keep your floor dry for any surface, temperature, humidity and so on. It is easy to set up – only minimal tools and less than 10 minutes needed to put it together. The fan & seething are plastic and hold up well to the sun and water. The fan hooks to the hose, so it is lightweight enough to move easily.

In a second power level, it puts out good airflow and mist to cool you down 12-13 feet and more away. Great on a hot summer day for patio and using while barbecuing. The mist is fine and you feel cool but not wet. The kids love playing in the mist.

Arctic Cove Misting Fan

Arctic Cove Misting Fan

Arctic Cove Bucket Top Misting Fan is completely portable and cordless, you can get a fresh breeze in any location, great at baseball, soccer and softball games. Uses (included) RYOBI ONE+™ compatible 18V Lithium-Ion Battery. The foot design is dual-purpose for a flat surface with garden hose adapter or sitting on 5-gallon buckets. Pivoting head allows adjusting for an optimal angle. The flow rate is in a range 1.8-1.3gph.

Cordless design is awesome. You can use arctic cove misting fan wherever you want, just fill it up with a water and set as you wish. With a garden hose, it is no worries at all.

The fan and pump can turn on separately, it has a low/high power switches for each. The motor and pump are powerful and quiet. The battery last on low about 6 hours (3-3.5 hours on high) but better to buy the Ryobi One for backup. I like the Ryobi batteries, you can use them for LED lanterns, USB chargers, cordless drills, the fan –  they may become “must have” in our trailer.

Fans for Misting Kits

iLIVING wall mount waterproof fan has 14″ or 18″ (comes in two different sizes) powder coated, factory balanced curved blades. The motor is three-speed, equipped with pull chain control feature. The fan comes in outdoor design, has permanently lubricated and sealed industrial motor for wet locations. Nice and heavy waterproof construction.

It has been tested and rated for use with fogging and misting rings, features aluminum blades and galvanized steel frame. You can turn this fan into a misting one with the purchase of the Misting Kit (sold separately). The fan is shipped with a standard 110v plug but you can wire them directly to a switch.

iLIVING is ideal for cooling down your warehouse, coffee shop, home, loading dock, amusement park, greenhouse, etc.

Handheld Misting Fan

iEGrow Handheld fan has three modes: fan mode, misty mode, fan+misty. Has the built-in rechargeable battery and comes with a micro USB cable. Battery charges through 5V USB charging port. The fan works about 7 hours for a fan, 3 hours for mist + fan, and 5 hours for misting. It charges pretty fast and is easy to fill. Uses very little water- a very fine mist, and you have to have it very close to feel it.

The fan does help, especially with the mist, when you are really hot. It may become a lifesaver when you get the hot flashes at an outdoor event.

It is bigger than seems in the photo. The dimensions are 3.7 x 1.2 x 6.9″, weight – about 10 ounces.

O2COOL misting fan equipped with a battery-powered one-speed motor (2 AA batteries), with fine mist sprayer and flexible fan blades. The reservoir holds more than 1,000 mists (about 500 mls). You can use water and ice, the bottle has large opening to fill. The mist appears only when you press the button.

Dimensions are 3.8 x 3.1 x 10.6″, 6.2 ounces in weight. The fan is almost silent, at first, the noise is hard to hear. With the time it becomes louder. It seems, that the primary purpose of the handheld fan is to cool you with a breeze. The mister portion is optional. If you are already wet from perspiration, just use the fan, the airflow will promote evaporation. The mister is especially pleasant with ice water or ice cubes if it is hot & dry.

The device start dripping a little after you push the sprayer button for a while, but it has not any leak when lying on its side.

O2Cool Water Misting Fan

The 3″ fan uses 1 AA battery, has soft foam blades and plastic carabiner clip. They are pretty small, you can easily hook it to your belt buckle for easy access. O2-Cool fan is much better than heavy misting bottles. These are great for children, the foam blades move a decent amount of air and are soft enough to don’t hurt their curious fingers.

And finally, it is the small model, a lot easier to throw in your beach bag and go to the Disneyland/water park. and it actually mists you instead of squirting you in the face like the larger model. The carabiner it came with is cheap plastic, but you can easily replace it with a thin metal one.

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